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Council agenda July 16, 2013 – The property standards by-law (Craig Gammie Commentary 3-22)

I found only one item of concern in the July 16 agenda, but the concern is huge. On the agenda as item 10.1 for first, second, and third reading is a property standards by-law. There may be some property standards … Continue reading

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Incompetent, Biased, Zero-Credibility Ombudsman Gives TSBP Council A Free Pass Re Closed Meeting Violations (Craig Gammie Commentary 3-21)

The annual report of the Ontario Ombudsman’s Open Meeting Law Enforcement Team (OMLET) lists complaints received about closed meetings, and also violations found and best practices suggested. An excerpt from the report of October 2011 is in the table below: … Continue reading


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John Close Is Running For Bruce County Warden: Residents of Bruce County – Hang On To Your Wallets (Craig Gammie 3-20)

TSBP taxes are up at least twenty per cent in the three years that John Close has been mayor.  The increase is not all due to Mr. Close’s shenanigans, but much of it is.  Some of the increase is a … Continue reading

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John Close’s Second Try To Give Away Our Half Of The Airport (Craig Gammie Commentary 3-19)

It was hard to tell from item 5.2 in the May 15, 2012 Council Agenda, titled “Public Meeting Notice-Restructuring, Georgian Bluffs and South Bruce Peninsula”, but the proposal was not really about “restructuring” at all.  The item was about John … Continue reading

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