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Unjust Ban Of Craig Gammie Costing Taxpayers Tens Of Thousands (3-26)

 The OSST August 20 article “South Bruce Peninsula Council Critic Not Allowed At Municipal Meetings” was fair and reasonably unbiased, but it missed some key information.  On November 20, 2012 I was banned from town hall.  On November 28th I … Continue reading

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August 20 Agenda items: Oliphant Beaches management plan; $300,000 hospitals grant request; Bruce Nuclear support request Craig Gammie 3-25

Agenda item 8.14 CLK84-2013 Town Rights on Lake Beds Spring of 2010 or earlier access to Oliphant beaches discussion started, with residents raising concerns about unrestricted vehicular access, and other issues. Sometime in 2011 posts were installed to restrict access. … Continue reading

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John Close is using the treasury as his personal war-chest (Craig Gammie Commentary 3-24)

Item 7.4 on the August 6 council agenda reads: 7.4 4:30 pm Eric Davis, Miller Thomson-Resolution R-793-2012 (this delegation will be heard in Closed Session) Item 4.4 reads: 4.4 Litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the … Continue reading

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Airport Advocates want more, and more, and more taxpayers’ money (Craig Gammie Commentary 3-23)

August 6 agenda item 8.3 reads: AIR02-2013 Request for Funding to Prepare a Business Plan and Strategic Plan for the Airport The related Agenda item 11.1 reads: CLK75-2013 Transport Canada Airport Report In item 8.3 Dwight Burley, chair of the … Continue reading

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