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Factums used in motion for leave appeal plover trial appeal

October 3, 2019 Town convicted. Town appealed. March 8, 2021, appeal dismissed, convictions upheld. Town sought leave to appeal March 8 dismissal of first appeal. May 4 hearing of application for leave to appeal (2nd) was heard. Decision is expected … Continue reading

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Costs of Plover Trials Are on Janice Jackson

Commentary 11-2 April 10, 2021 Janice Jackson has been fighting with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (“MNR”) over plover habitat protection since 2011 or earlier. She was repeatedly warned by MNR staff that grooming beyond MNR guidance would probably … Continue reading

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Another million or two if Mayor Jackson or anyone damages Plover habitat again??

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TSBP bylaw 46-2020 – Issued without legitimate authority; Removes freedom of expression; Is illegal; Was politically motivated. May 18, 2020 number 10-3

Summary May 7, 2020 council passed, without proper notice to the public, by-law 46-2020, which banned many activities critical of council or staff and gave bylaws officers the power to demand identification from any person. The by-law includes provisions that … Continue reading

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Food Trucks on Residential Streets and in Parks – The Town’s Zoning Bylaw Amendment Deception (10-2 May 2, 2020)

The town has published several documents which indicated that the town is planning to amend the zoning by-law to permit food trucks in commercial zones, in parks and on any road allowances, including in front of people’s homes. For example … Continue reading

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Effect of 2017 Bulldozing And Other Grooming Of Beach At Sauble On Erosion And Piping Plover Habitat Loss Due To Beach Erosion (9-2)

Click on the link below to view my report on how the Bulldozing of Sauble Beach in August and September of 2017 made the beach vulnerable to severe erosion by the storms of January 2019 and April 26 2019, resulting … Continue reading

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Janice Jackson’s SHAM “consultation” re food trucks

Janice Jackson tried to get food trucks through council at least twice before.  She failed.  Because it was unfair to residents negatively affected.  And unfair to existing food services businesses. In spite of the unfairness, Ms. Jackson is pushing it … Continue reading

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Post of commentary 2-19 … “TSBP Staff Recklessly Destroy Sauble Piping Plover Habitat”

This post about damage to Piping Plover Habitat was circulated 1 April 2012, but was not published.   The Piping Plover is listed in schedule 2 of the Species At Risk In Ontario List (regulation 230/08) as an endangered species. There … Continue reading

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repost of commentary 1-29 ….The Summer of ’11 At Sauble Beach: Driftwood, Dunes, and Little Birds In Peril

The following was originally published July 24, 2017 in as a letter in the Owen Sound Sun Times. Editor: The July 20 OSST edition reported Councillor Jackson’s reaction following a meeting of TSBP council and MNR officials Mark Shoreman and … Continue reading

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Craig comments on Wiarton Echo/ Owen Sound Sun Times article re Acquittal (8-10)

Rob Gowan, Owen Sound Sun Times, reported [  ] on my acquittal and on Justice Morneau’s judgement.   My comments on the Gowan article follow. In her eight-page judgment, Morneau states that she cannot say that any witnesses were untruthful. (source: … Continue reading

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