Watch Your Wallets – More Than Sauble Will Be Negatively Impacted By Septic Inspection Program (1-44)

In my Commentary  43 I said that Genivar had a serious conflict as the contractor doing septic inspections, and I urged Sauble residents to send Genivar a no-trespass notice.

In the resulting dialogue on  I also said that the TSBP inspection protocol was ridiculous and unacceptable, and I indicated that no one will be allowed on my property to test to that protocol.

I also indicated that someone other than Genivar would be welcome to inspect my septic system if they used the very sensible protocol of the Ministry of Municipal affairs and Housing.

Several readers called or e-mailed to remind me that there’s more to the Town Of South Bruce Peninsula than Sauble Beach, and that the bad septic inspection protocol with Genivar at the helm is a disaster not just for Sauble folks, but for all residents in the Town who have a private sewage system.

The readers are absolutely correct.  And I needed that reminder. And I deserved the “nudge”.

If any company uses the stupid TSBP septic inspection protocol anywhere in the Town (not just Sauble) they will find “problems” that do not exist, and the Town will order “upgrades” that are not needed, and residents will suffer unnecessarily.

And with Genivar doing the inspections, it will be that much worse.

My apologies for ignoring  the residents of Oliphant, Red bay, Hope Bay, Allenford, Adamsville, Colpoy’s Bay, Hepworth, Hope Bay, Howdenvale, Mar, McIvor, Park Head, Purple Valley, Red Bay, Skipness, Tolmie, those parts of Wiarton on private systems, and all places between and around.

I urge all residents of the Ttown to issue a no trespass order to Genivar in Port Elgin.

There is a template no-trespass letter at: Documents/2012 11 08 generic to genivar no tresspass.doc


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3 Responses to Watch Your Wallets – More Than Sauble Will Be Negatively Impacted By Septic Inspection Program (1-44)

  1. wind4se says:

    They supposedly did a septic tank inspection a couple of years ago on my property. We were not there and the cottage was closed for the winter season. A note was left on the door that the inspection was conducted and that we would have to pay $150.00 for this alleged inspection. As i said we were already gone for the season so I was not sure what they did. They didn’t open any covers because they were buried, didn’t flush a toilet, but were able to confirm everything was OK?? What a joke. There is no way they could have verified the septic system was fine. The toilet hadn’t been flushed for months. When I challenged what was done and refused to pay, they added the cost of the inspection to my tax bill. If this inspection is going to be conducted the same way it will be a total waste of time. I agree let’s keep these guys off our properties. Our tax dollars hard at work!

    • cgammie says:


      They checked the record to see when your system was installed, and they looked to see if there was sewage spilling out on the ground. Value of work done? – $1 (max). Bill? – $150. Overcharge? – $149.

      I would file a claim in small claims court for the $149.


  2. Chris says:

    To properly inspect a system you need to look inside the tank and, ideally, have it pumped while observing how the tank and the system respond to pumping (i.e. backflow from the bed, deterioration of the cement, cracking, etc.).

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