Are We Still Paying Rhonda Cook’s Legal Fees For Her “Defamation” Lawsuit? (Craig’s 3-13)

Resolution R-230-2012, made in the March 20, 2012 meeting of the council of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula, was captured in the minutes as follows:

It was MOVED by J. Jackson, SECONDED by K. Klages

THAT effective immediately, the municipality will cease to fund the blog lawsuit on behalf of Rhonda Cook; AND THAT the lawyer(s) representing this case on behalf of Rhonda cook will be notified within 24 hours that the municipality will no longer pay legal fees regarding this matter; AND THAT with council scrutiny and approval one final invoice for legal work completed to this day be submitted to and reconciled with the municipality by March 30, 2012; AND FURTHER THAT no additional invoices will be accepted regarding this claim.

Councillor Jackson requested a recorded vote in reverse order. The Clerk indicated that Council should vote yes in support of the motion and no as opposed.

Turner No

Thomas Yes

Standen Yes

McKenzie Yes

Klages Yes

Kirkland No

Jackson Yes

Bowman Yes

Close Yes

Mayor Close declared the resolution to be CARRIED

As members of the gallery indicated that they had not heard what the resolution had said, on the direction of the Mayor, the Clerk/CEMC re-read the resolution.

(The lawyers representing Rhonda Cook were Miller Thompson LLP)

Resolution R-230-2012 of March 20, 2012 was a clear and unambiguous directive.

There should have been no more invoices submitted by Miller Thompson after March 30, 2012 for legal services for Rhonda Cook.  Allowing one month for payment, that means there should have been no cheques paid to Miller Thompson on the Cook file after April 30, 2012.  Definitely none after May 30 2012 at the very latest.


Below is a record of invoices paid to law firm Miller Thompson for “defamation” and “general legal”.

Payments to Miller Thompson LLp for “Defamation” Litigation

Cheque  date                     total billed     “defamation”       “general”

28983  1/19/2012        $7,524.97        $4,742.36

30183  07/11/2012      $13,162.10      $2,870.62        $10,291.48

30352  7/25/2012        $4,639.89        $4,639.89

31868  1/23/2013        $32,372.03      $3,350.72        $5,636.11

 Have we been paying Rhonda’s “defamation” legal fees, contrary to resolution R-230-2012?

Are we still paying?

Or are we paying for some other “defamation” proceeding?

Craig Gammie

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