Addendum to commentary 4-3 – re sauble parking motion of feb 18

In my commentary 4-3 of yesterday I talked about some items on the February 18 council agenda.  I neglected to comment on item 8.1 (Jackson Paid Parking at Sauble).  Here are my comments on that item:

 In a December 3, 2014 resolution, parking fees at Sauble was reduced from $15 a day to zero.  This cost the taxpayers at least $240,000 in lost revenue.

 Councillor Jackson is proposing to reinstate paid parking at Sauble, with rates as follows:

 Recommendation: That Council reinstates  the  Paid  Parking  program;  And  further  that  the  Paid  Parking fee will be $10 per day maximum in addition to supplying each tax paying household in the Town of South Bruce Peninsula with one free parking pass.

 This is not perfect as we will still lose some revenue, meaning higher taxes.   But going back to $15 a day has virtually no chance of being passed, whereas this proposal should get passed if council members are willing to be open to good ideas.

 I fully support Councillor Jackson’s motion.

 I know my timing is not great, but it would sure be helpful if some residents could get to the February 18 meeting (today) to support Ms. Jackson’s motion.


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