Regarding the May 20, 2014 TSBP Council Agenda (Craig Gammie 4-16)

8.3 KIRKLAND/KLAGES/TURNER01-2014 Festivals and Events

 Turner Klages and Kirkland want to amend the special events policy so that for an event on private property that has a special events permit, overnight camping will be allowed. I have argued that this provides inadequate protection for neighbours.

These three want the overnight camping on private property allowed for “events such as plowing matches, rodeos, music festivals, and other such events”.

But it’s moot anyway.

The special events policy says “to be considered for approval a Special event must provide meaningful public benefit and must have a direct impact on one or more of the following areas: arts and culture, education, health and wellness, physical fitness, enrich the character and identity of the town, create unique or innovative experiences, contribute to programming in slow seasons or extend the overall range and mix of programming in the town.   The kinds of events that Kirkland, Turner, Klages seem to have in mind don’t fit those, so would not qualify.

Second it is false that allowing overnight camping is necessary in order to hold such events.

If this is going to be added to the events policy, organizer should be required to get permission from all potentially affected neighbours. That seems only reasonable.

8.4 DMFS01-2014 Community Foundation Grey Bruce, Qualified Donee

There is a proposal for the town to act as an intermediary between Community Foundation Grey Bruce and organizations applying for grants from Community Foundation Grey Bruce (donnees)

Requirements for applicants to be able to use the municipality as an intermediary include:

 the applicant (hereinafter referred to as the “agent”) must have a direct affiliation with the sponsoring municipality (herinafter referred to as the “qualified Donnee”) Examples – shared charitable purpose, membership in an umbrella organization, etc.

 I can’t think of any applicants that would meet that criterion. So it’s an interesting discussion, but it is also a wasteful one. Besides there’s an easier way to get money to applicant groups. Applicants for grants can just register directly with revenue canada and then they can go directly to Community Foundation Grey Bruce with their grant requests.

8.7 PW9-2014 Oliphant Water Treatment Plant Upgrades-Update for May 2014

It still bothers me that the Oliphant upgrades are being paid for by all residents.   If the costs were properly assigned to the users, then there would be a better effort to find a more sensible solution to the problem, rather than just throwing good money after bad. Just another way the current council has pitted residents against each other.

8.13 ADM26-2014 Deputy Manager of Public Works Position

In my commentary 4-15 I devoted some time explaining that the CET designation does not qualify anyone to do the job of Assistant Manager, Public works, or engineering coordinator. I also explained in commentary 4-15 that one needs to be licensed to do any kind of work related to engineering.   It appears that council chose to ignore my advice.   If the job by its nature requires that the employee be licensed, and a new employee who is unlicensed is hired, it won’t be a good situation.

10.4 By-Law 39-2014 Being a By-Law to Amend By-Law Number 44-2009 Being a By-Law to Adopt the Manual Governing the Policies and Procedures for the Corporation of the Town of South Bruce Peninsula (Professional Conduct Policy)

Residents are circulating and posting the professional conduct policy as an example of just how closed and draconian TSBP council is.   Residents from other municipalities have taken note too. Please … some councillor … any councillor … ask for a recorded vote so the residents can see where each council member stands on this ridiculous nonsense.



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