Regarding the June 17, 2014 TSBP Council Agenda – Craig Gammie 4-19

Agenda item 8.3 EDO01-2014 Overnight Camping at Special Events

The proposal is to allow overnight camping on private property with permission of council for special events.   But no criteria are provided to guide the council decision. I am concerned that with a resident-unfriendly council, should we elect one, approvals will be granted for every request.   I feel sorry for any residents unlucky enough to be beside a private property that gets council permission to run a noisy event.

Special permission should only be granted when neighbours will not be adversely affected.   Special permission should be granted only rarely.

Agenda item 8.12 ADM36-2014 Future Wage Adjustments for Senior Management

ADM36 is a long convoluted report about how senior staff are so hard done by (because some of them aren’t yet on the sunshine list!) and how they are really entitled to more and more and more of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars.

The truth is that they are not hard done by at all and they are not entitled to as many taxpayers dollars as they wish they could have.

Council should freeze wages of senior management, until council next is able to do a proper decision about compensation at all levels.

Agenda item 8.13 (Sauble School) I discussed in separate commentary 4-18.




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