Propaganda Minister Jackson Censors All Correspondence Critical Of Her Regime

For the third time in several months, Propaganda Minister Janice Jackson has censored a report submitted to council by this councillor, refusing, without legitimate reason, to include the report in a council agenda, and refusing to allow council discussion of the report.

The first was report Gammie 04-2016, submitted August 10, 2016.

That report was critical of Ms. Jackson’s stance on enforcement of the fireworks by-law, and critical of OPP commander Thompson’s alleged breach of the rules regarding confidentiality of a complaint.

Jackson censored the report, indicating that “the Council table is not the location to bring forward such concerns” but failing to demonstrate that she had the legitimate authority or grounds to censor.

The second was report GAMMIE 09-2016, December 20, 2016 .

That report alleged that a member of council breached the code of ethics  by disclosing confidential information from the June 7, 2016 closed session of council to a witness in the August 12, 2016 OMB hearing at TSBP.  The report requested that council assign an integrity commissioner to investigate.

Propaganda Minister Jackson again censored my report, refusing to put it on a council agenda, and indicting “I sent the report back to you because it went against our policy.”,

But Ms. Jackson failed to indicate where she got the authority to censore or how my report contravened policy.

The third instance was December 27th, 2016, when I submitted Gammie 10-2016, accusing Matt Jackson of breaching both our code of ethics and our code of conduct.  Specifically, I submitted that:

On October 6, 2015, in a speech in open council, without mentioning my name, Matt Jackson: delivered a mean spirited, vengeful, vindictive  vilification against me, made disparaging remarks about me; made me out to be a very bad person; alleged that my request for investigation filed with the Ombudsman was senseless and frivolous; and publicly maligned my motives.

In the report I requested that an integrity commissioner be assigned to investigate and report to council.  But Minister of Propaganda Jackson censored Gammie 10-2016 too.  When I asked where she though she got the authority and the grounds for censoring the report, she refused to state how she has authority to censor and would not state any grounds for the censorship, but instead handed me a copy of our procedural manual, and told me to go find the authority and grounds myself.

Later she promised to put the “authority” and “grounds” in writing, but she never did.

The censored report Gammie 10-2016 is below.  The attachments referred to in the report are attached separately.

The report is at:

This is getting ridiculous.  The mayor clearly cannot handle views that do not line up with her own.  The mayor clearly cannot handle criticism.  The mayor cannot even handle criticism directed at those sniveling sycophants that surround her.

So she gives herself authority that she cannot legitimately possess, and censors anything that displeases her.

Elected officials use reports and motions to get issues before council for discussion and decisions.  That’s part of the democratic process.

This censorship of my reports without legitimate authority or grounds is a serious blow to democracy.

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